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We will turn this island in Potsdam into paradise on earth...
Wish of
Fürst Moritz Nassau-Siegen to the Great Elector

See how this plan, first formulated in 1664 by Prussia's ruler, was realized. Stroll around this paradise of castle and parks.

Visit Potsdam long the seat of Prussia’s kings. Experience their palaces and parks, and, especially, Sanssouci, where Frederick the Great spent his summers.

And take in the other sights making royal Potsdam so memorable:

Krongut Bornstedt
the countryside seat where Prussia’s rulers gardened, farmed and got away from it all, and recently restored to all its historic glories.

Potsdam’s 19th century Russian village

Dutch quarter
Built by Dutch immigrants to Prussia in the 17th and 18th centuries, this quarter and its quaint houses are now homes to galleries, restaurants and antique shops.


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