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General terms and conditions

1. Booking and contract conditions
The contractor is the company Monika Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours (herein referred to as M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours) arranges touristy services. Services can be booked by mail, fax or by phoning. The client is bound to a booking for two weeks. If the client receives no written confirmation during the time of two weeks, the booking will be considered as not accepted. The client and M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours are legally bound to the booking when the ordered services are confirmed by M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours. The client acknowledges these general terms and conditions when booking the services of M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours.

2. Terms of Payment
All prices are exclusive of the legal value added tax (19%). Prices are payable in EUR. The total amount of the payment for all services is to give in cash to Monika Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours before the tour starts or it has to arrive one week before the event happens on the account of Monika Rohrbach sightseeing tours.

3. Modification of the touristy services
If the content of the confirmation differs from the booking, then this will be considered a new offer. The content of this new offer is accepted by the client when the client accepts these new conditions by booking by mail, fax or phoning.

4. Withdrawal of the agreement by the client
The client may withdraw any time from the booking agreement. Refunds paid by the client depend on the arrival date of the written cancellation of the ordered services. The client has to pay following compensation: cancellation 1 Month before the event: 20% of the price of the booked services, cancellation 2 weeks before the event: 40% of the price of the booked services, cancellation 1 week before the event: 70% of the price of the booked services, cancellation, cancellation on day of the event: 100% of the price of the booked services, when the customer does not show up for the event 100% of the booked services.

5. Withdrawal of the agreement by M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours
M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours cancels the event: When the client does not fulfil the booking agreement, when the client or a member of his/her group disturbs the event severely, due to the influence of dangerous weather, terrorist threats and other unforeseen disturbances.

6. Cooperation Obligations
The client or the members of his/her group are obliged to cooperate to prevent damages, inconveniences or accidents of the group. The client and everybody of the group are obliged to inform M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tour immediately about any complains.

7. Liabilities of M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours
M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours is liable for the careful preparation and arrangement of the touristy services concerning the booking of the client. M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours is not liable for the touristy services of other companies. When slight fault is done M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours is not reliable. Further more M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours is not liable when accidents or damages.

8. Data security
The client agrees that for the purpose of arranging touristy services personal data are stored and that this information is used for further care of the client by M. Rohrbach sightseeing Tours. Any time the client is entitled to get the information of his stored personal data, to ask for correction or delete of his personal data. Please send a mail concerning this matter to M. Rohrbach Sightseeing Tours to explain your needs.

9. Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
The place of Jurisdiction is Berlin. German law applies. If any of the stipulations of these terms and conditions should become ineffective, all other stipulations will remain in effect.