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Dresden has the air of being a pavilion of pleasure, in which all of architecture's most delightful ideas and inspirations meld into an entity.
Johann Michael von Loen 1750

Dresden is a city formed by a river - the Elbe. It has formed the landscape framing the city: gentle rising hills and, beyond them, the mountains of Saxony.

The beauty of the city is complemented by its charmingly comfort-loving lifestyle.
Discover Dresden and its sights

Zwinger Palace
The crowned gateway, the pavilions, the Nymphenbad fountain and the numerous sandstone sculptures depicting fairies and angels, as well as the water basins and columns combine to make this one of the most beautiful masterpieces of European Baroque

Instantly recognizable by its mighty domed roof, the Frauenkirche is one of Dresden’s outstanding landmarks and the finest example of Baroque church architecture in Germany.

Semper Opera House
The Semper Opera House is one of Dresden’s best-known historical buildings and one of the most prestigious opera houses in Europe.

The Old Masters Gallery
This world-renowned collection includes Raphael’s Sistine Madonna as well as paintings of the historic old town executed by court painter Bernado Beletto, known as Canaletto.

Grüne Gewölbe (Green Vault)
Visitors from all over the world are enchanted by August the Strong’s unique chamber of wonders with more than 3000 works of art, jewels and ornaments and other treasures.

Prices for individualized tours of Dresden are available upon request.

No trip to Dresden can be complete without a guided tour of the city, a visit to a museum or the Grüne Gewölbe (Green Vault). Nearby Meissen with its traditional porcelain manufacture is ideal for a day trip from Dresden.